Project: Disposals





National Register of Environmental Managers


Servizio di trasporto espresso a carico completo o groupage da e per tutte le destinazioni nazionali, servizi espressi dedicati, ritiri e consegne in centri storici e zone a traffico limitato, servizi fieristici.

P.M. TRANSPORT SRL is registered with the National Register of Environmental Managers and has the necessary permits for the transportation of hazardous and nonhazardous waste, thanks to which it can offer waste management in its entirety, from collection to disposal procedures.

We take care of certification for proper disposal procedure, thus relieving waste producers of the knowledge of the complex area of waste disposal, waste management, waste transportation, especially in the case of hazardous or special waste.

Vehicles for

Waste management and intermediation

Tractor-trailers, dump trucks, roll-off skips, and compactors are just some of the types of vehicles that P.M. TRANSPORT puts in place to be able to provide the customer with an ad hoc waste management and brokerage service.